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Weight Loss Edmonton - Heart diseases or cardiovascular diseases mean the many illnesses which involve the blood vessels, the veins, arteries, or the heart muscle itself. The term cardiovascular disease technically includes all diseases that have an effect on the cardiovascular system. It is often used to refer to conditions connected to arterial disease or atherosclerosis. These conditions normally have the same kind of treatment, mechanisms and the same reasons.

The rates of cardiovascular disease are greater than ever in countries all around the globe. Each and every year, more American people die of heart disease than cancer. The risk in cardiovascular has increased in women in recent years and has killed increasingly more women compared to breast cancer. According to histological studies, vascular injury accumulates from adolescence; hence it is important for initial prevention efforts to become necessary in childhood.

Usually by the time that heart problems are discovered, the underlying cause, atherosclerosis is quite advanced. Preventing atherosclerosis can be done by modifying risk factors like implementing a nutritional regime, a lot of exercise and not smoking.


Several studies that have been performed on population show that precursors of heart disease start in teenage years. Over decades, the process of atherosclerosis evolves, beginning usually during childhood. It has been shown that initial lesions appear in more than half of the right coronary arteries and within all of the aortas of kids who are between the ages of 7 and 9. Studies revealed kids are usually more concerned with accidents, cancer, and HIV rather than cardiovascular disease.

It is projected that 1 in 3 people would die from complications because of atherosclerosis. Education and awareness can help people understand cardiovascular disease and offer measures to reverse or prevent complications.

Diabetes milletus, obesity and different health conditions have been associated to cardiovascular disease. Other factors may even include hypercholesterolemia and chronic kidney disease. Of the diabetic complications, cardiovascular disease is the most life threatening complication and diabetics are 2 to 4 times more likely to die caused by cardiovascular associated cause compared to those who do not have diabetes.


The Mediterranean diet has shown to improve cardiovascular outcomes. To be able to improve and prevent atherosclerosis, there are many modifiable risk factors comprising: avoiding smoking and second-hand smoke, enjoying a diet low in saturated cholesterol and fat and having a diet rich in fibre from nuts and veggies. Other helpful factors comprise decreased alcohol intake, if obese or overweight, decreasing the BMI, managing diabetes, incorporating moderate to vigorous exercise to 30 minutes on a daily basis. Another important factor is less emotional stress in every day life.

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