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Edmonton Nutritionist - The lack of vital nutrients in the food intake would result in numerous conditions that fall under nutritional diseases. Usually, these diseases could be commonly associated with chronic malnutrition. Problems like obesity caused by too much eating can also significantly contribute to serious health problems. Acute poisoning can result from an excessive intake of various nutrients.


When people consume too many calories than the amount of exercise being done, those people may be more at risk for obesity caused by a distorted energy balance. This can likewise result in other health concerns like for example diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Obesity can cause various health problems and an increased mortality.

Amongst the key factors in obesity is the generally affordable low-cost food that is offered to the poor in affluent countries. These fast foods are low in nutritional value, high in fats and high in additives and sugars. Within rich nations, obesity is normally regarded as a sign of poverty and malnutrition. Conversely, within poorer countries, obesity is normally connected with wealth and good nutrition. Other causes of obesity consist of: lack of sleep, heredity, stress and lack of exercise. Too much eating can also be a symptom of an eating disorder, like Bulimia.

When consuming Goitrogenic foods, there is a risk of developing goitres which are caused by a low uptake of iodine within the body.

Vitamins and Micronutrients

Vitamin poisoning can take place when the body experiences very high storage levels of vitamins. This can result in toxic symptoms. The medical names of the different illnesses is derived from the name of the vitamin involved. Like for example, hypervitaminosis A refers to an excess of vitamin A in the body. Iron overload disorders are illnesses that occur because of too much iron in the body and the inability for this nutrient to exit, therefore resulting in a dangerous build up. Haemochromotosis is one example and the organs that can be affected consist of the the liver, the endocrine glands and the heart.


When some nutrients are not available to the system, severe health problems are likely to occur. Deficiencies in fats, carbohydrates and proteins for example, could cause protein energy malnutrition called Kwashiorkor disease. Marasmus and mental retardation may also result. When vitamins and minerals are restricted from the diet to poor nutrition, sicknesses like Rickets, Calcium Osteoporosis, Iodine Deficiency or Goitre, Beriberi, Tetany, Iron Deficiency or Anemia, Selenium Deficiency and Zinc Growth Retardation amongst others can occur.

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Edmonton city is the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta. Situated on the North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton city is commonly recognized as the 2nd most populous provincial capital following Toronto and is home to various world-class festivals.

The newly renovated Churchill Square, is the center of all the events in the downtown Arts District. The square was named in order to honor Sir Winston Churchill. The Francis Winspear Centre is a place for Music and in recognized as great place for a concert. It is said of this center that it is amongst the most "acoustically perfect concert halls in Canada." The Centre is home to the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and the $3 million Davis Concert Organ, the largest concert organ within Canada...