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Oxygen Therapy Edmonton - Hydrogen peroxide is a compound with an oxygen-oxygen single bond and an oxidizer. H202 is its chemical name. A little more thick as opposed to water, hydrogen peroxide is a clear liquid. It is usually used as a cleaning agent or as bleach. It is considered a highly reactive oxygen species since the oxidizing capacity of H202 is very strong.

Hydrogen peroxide has several uses, as it can be used to propel rocketry. Naturally it is a by-product of oxidative metabolism produced within organisms. Almost all living things contain enzymes called catalyse peroxidises which catalytically and harmlessly decompose low concentrations of H202 into water and oxygen.

When being used as an antimicrobial agent, as an oxidizing agent, or used for various other purposes; H2O2 is normally recognized to be safe by the U.S. FDA. Like for instance, thirty five percent hydrogen peroxide is made use of in the hospitals to prevent infection transmission and H202 vapour is registered as a sporicidal sterilant with the United States EPA.

Some of the uses of hydrogen peroxide include: use as a treatment for acne when combined along with benzyl peroxide, and it is used as an emetic in veterinary practice Hydrogen peroxide can be made use of as a toothpaste or as an oral debriding agent, if mixed together with the proper amount of salt and baking soda, though, this formula is not more efficient as opposed to toothpaste by itself.

The reputation for hydrogen peroxide is that it can be used as a disinfectant or antiseptic in the treatment of wounds. This however, is a common misconception. Although H202 is an effectual cleaning agent, it is not recommended for reducing bacterial infection of wounds and applying it can truly impede healing and possible cause scarring since it destroys skin cells that are newly formed.

Several alternative medical practitioners have recommended drinking diluted hydrogen peroxide as a treatment to illnesses, and in particular cancer. The American Cancer Society states that "there is no scientific evidence that hydrogen peroxide is a safe, effective or useful cancer treatment", and advises cancer patients to "remain in the care of qualified doctors who use proven methods of treatment and approved clinical trials of promising new treatments."

Intravenous use of H202 has been connected to several deaths. Another controversial medical process that has surfaced in the alternative health realm has been the inhalation of hydrogen peroxide at a 1% concentration. People must be cautious and safe when using hydrogen peroxide.

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